Dazzle Your Partner With A Sumptuous Feast

> Starters

Fresh oysters with baby potatoes
This is an absolutely dreamy starter. One of those truly memorable taste experiences…

Serves 2
10 freshly shucked oysters
6 baby potatoes, peeled and boiled
500 ml chicken stock
120 ml low-fat yoghurt
salt & freshly ground black pepper

Pour the chicken stock in a small pot and bring to a fast boil. Reduce until you have about an eighth of the original liquid left. Remove from the heat and stir the yoghurt into the stock. Remember to taste the now thick, creamy sauce before you season it. In the meantime, slice the small potatoes into equal slices into two soup bowls. Scoop the fresh, raw oysters onto the potatoes. Spoon the still-warm yoghurt cream over the salad and serve immediately.
This delicious starter is best enjoyed with a glass of unwooded Middelvlei Chardonnay.

Nutritional content per serving
> 615kJ > 22g Carbohydrate > 9g Protein > 2.5g Fat > 1g Fibre

> Main course

Quails with quinoa salad
I love serving these tiny stuffed quails. They are deceptively simple to put together and a total treat to eat.

Serves 2
2 quails
50 g goat’s milk cheese
handful pistachio nuts
8 black olives, pitted and halved
1 artichoke, quartered
2 peppadews, chopped

Warm the goat’s milk cheese slightly in a pan and stir the nuts, olives, artichoke and peppadews into the now soft cheese. Stuff the quails with this delicious mixture and bake uncovered at 180° degrees/gas 4 for about 30 minutes.

Quinoa salad
150 g quinoa
300 ml water
pinch salt
25 g chives, chopped
25 g salad onions, chopped
50 g pistachio nuts, roasted
8 black olives, pitted and halved
1 T extra-virgin olive oil

Cover the quinoa with the water and, in a cooking pot, bring to a slow boil. Add more water if neccessary to prevent the quinoa from cooking dry. Add the salt. The quinoa is cooked when the grains have swelled to about four times their original size. Remove from the heat, drain and spread onto a baking tray to cool. Once cooled, toss all the remaining ingredients with the grains, add the olive oil and serve immediately with the quails. Recommended wine: Fairview Sauvignon Blanc

Nutritional content per serving
> 3600kJ > 61g Carbohydrate > 44g Protein > 48g Fat > 9g Fibre

> Dessert Tiramisu
The legend goes that towards the end of WW2, the town of Treviso in Italy was occupied by gangs of young Germans… and the bordellos were busy. So much so that the girls’ exhaustion became a serious concern for a “madame” who enlisted the help of Treviso’s top chef, Alfredo: he came up with a dish containing chocolate, egg, mascarpone cheese, coffee, cognac and cocoa. Translated from the Italian it means “pick me up”! Here’s our low-fat, but equally delicious, version:

Serves 2
6 savioardi biscuits (finger biscuits)
1 T cognac
1 T strong coffee
1 egg, separated
1 T castor sugar
1/2 t vanilla paste
125 ml low-fat, plain yoghurt
1 t cocoa powder

Spoon the cognac and coffee into a flat dish. Dip the biscuits really fast in the cognac and coffee and put three each on two pretty plates. Whisk the egg white until fluffy. Whisk the yolk and sugar together until foamy and light in colour. Add the vanilla. Fold the egg white into the yolk. Fold the sweet egg foam into the yoghurt and spoon over the biscuits. Sprinkle with the cocoa and serve with an ice cold glass of Graham Beck’s sublime Méthode Cap Classique. Bliss.

Nutritional content per serving
> 740kJ > 30g Carbohydrate > 7g Protein > 3g Fat

Cheese with berries
1 round of Camembert
handful of berries

This is indulgence at its best — so just a little taste, mind you! Try a thin slice of the 40% reduced cow’s milk Camembert, and sip on a chilled glass of Fairview’s Viognier, which will complement the cheese beautifully.

Nutritional content per serving
> 250kJ > 2g Carbohydrate > 6g Protein > 3g Fat > 1g Fibre

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